Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Focus Group Needed

So as a continuation of my first post... I am in need of some assistance on the Campus Mapping project I am working on. After having it reviewed by members of the UNCA campus community, I realize that it is in need of review by people that aren't as emotionally attached to certain aspects of the campus or particular viewing perspective. If anyone could do me a huge favor and take a look at the map and give me their feedback I would greatly appreciate it. I am open to any suggestions at all. This particular map is a print map for first time visitors to the campus and maybe a tool to some of the students who may not be familiar with more obscure buildings.

Here's the link. The map images are on the left and you can click on them to enlarge them to print-size.

My e-mail is JoshDOTOConnerATgmailDOTcom (substitute appropriate symbols for bold text)


Leo Klausmann said...

Hey Josh as a former UNCA student I'd say that map is better than the ones I have seen before. Its nice how on the one with the greeen relief, even though its subtle, you can tell that it gets steeper to the north and slopes down on the south side. I suspect that trying to cram in parking info would make the map crowded, but people certainly need a good map to show them where students, commuters, etc can and can't park.
I checked out that solar commercial on your blog. Stunning! It looked like a few people got clobbered, and if you watch the scene with the boy on the left side playing a videogame or something, he gets hit, and I swear he gets "gibbed" because I hear a "GaDishhh" sound. Crazy.

Janet said...

Hi Josh -

This looks MUCH better than most of the maps I've seen of campus. I agree with Leo, though, that you need to somehow differentiate between different parking "zones" so people know where they are going, AND where they can park for various events (classes, presentations, concerts, etc).

Were you looking for other specific comments?