Thursday, May 31, 2007

Workshop on Photogrammetry

Janet Lowe has been in contact with Gary Thompson at NC Geodetic Survey ( about offering a workshop on photogrammetry for those who will be working with or running ortho projects for their organization. Instructors have been assembled from across the state to help teach local governments more about the photogrammetry process, new technologies, standards, etc.

Dates and locations of the workshops will be as follows:
1. July 18: Asheville, NC at the City of Asheville Public Works building.8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Contact Janet Lowe ( or Jason Mann (
2. August (first or second week): East Carolina University, GIScienceCenter (Greenville, NC). 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Contact Karen Mulcahy( or
3. October 2-3: Raleigh, NC (in conjunction with the NCPMA conference).Contact Gary Thompson (

1. Lunch is NOT provided, -- although if someone wants to help provide, that'd be wonderful.
2. Agenda: Draft agenda is listed below. If you have suggestions on othertopics that may be of interest, please contact Gary Thompson.
3. Photogrammetry concepts: collinearity, orientation, resection, intersection, and aerotriangulation
4. Photogrammetry systems: film cameras, scanning, digital frame cameras, and digital time dependent cameras
5. Geodetic control: NCGS GPS CORS, ground GPS surveys for photo control and check point control, GPS IMU systems for cameras, and NAD 83(NSRS2007)
6. Elevation data: LIDAR compilation vs. LIDAR-photogrammetric compilation
7. Orthophoto production processes: rectification versus orthorectification, mosaicing, tiling, and pixel resolution
8. Image formats and techniques: TIFF, MRSID, compression, overviews, and tiling
9. Data storage options
10. Quality Control (QC) concepts: geometric accuracy, elevated structure distortion, edge match, and tone balance Selection processes: Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) vs. bidding

Attendance: Hosts of the meeting will work with Gary Thompson to ensure that you receive credit as needed (certificate of attendance) for ongoing professional education. This seminar will count as 6.5 PDHs. Please contact hosts to let them know of your attendance, so we have an accurate head count.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Pix from the April 26th WNC GIS Beer Meeting

Our meeting on April 26th was a lot of fun, and we chose a random winner for the Trivia Contest. Gene was the lucky winner and he was presented with a brand-new copy of the acclaimed book The Ghost Map. Here you can see Gene (with Jason) to his left) joyfully opening the book's wrapping. The other photo of the whole group captured most of the people who turned out at the Asheville Brewing Company. Thanks to everyone who joined us!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Focus Group Needed

So as a continuation of my first post... I am in need of some assistance on the Campus Mapping project I am working on. After having it reviewed by members of the UNCA campus community, I realize that it is in need of review by people that aren't as emotionally attached to certain aspects of the campus or particular viewing perspective. If anyone could do me a huge favor and take a look at the map and give me their feedback I would greatly appreciate it. I am open to any suggestions at all. This particular map is a print map for first time visitors to the campus and maybe a tool to some of the students who may not be familiar with more obscure buildings.

Here's the link. The map images are on the left and you can click on them to enlarge them to print-size.

My e-mail is JoshDOTOConnerATgmailDOTcom (substitute appropriate symbols for bold text)