Monday, March 5, 2007

The Book Review Format for Blog Postings

The Book Review Format for WNCGIS Blog Postings

Below is the format for book reviews that we would like to suggest. Fill in the Title, Author, Publisher, Release Date and Review Submitted By: information as shown below. The LABEL will either be “Review Book” or “Review Technical Book” If you want to review an organization, school, program, project or some other "non-book," you will have to come up with your own format. Use the same labeling scheme as above such as "Review Xxxxx."

Then paste your review and comments about the books. It is also possible to add a picture here as well. WEBLINKS are encouraged. Feel free to link to the author’s web page, the publisher’s web page or some other pertinent review or related information source. We also encourage you to add WEBAUDIO links of interviews with the author or other related discussions.

Google Earth (GE) Links are an option. We are experimenting with the GE animation now, collecting and organizing points related to places in a book. At this time you must include a link in your review to the KMZ file on your FTP site, or send us your KMZ file and we will post it on an FTP site and link it to your review. Try the GE link on The Worst Hard Time book review.

There are a number of scripts on the ESRI site that may help you convert ESRI to KMZ and vice versa.
I will try to get a posting up specifically on how to develop a GE links soon. If you already have experience with this, please make your own post on this topic.

As usual, contact Pete Kennedy, for Blog Posting access. If you have any specific issues with the Book Review process, need help posting your Book Review or need to upload a KMZ file to our FTP site, please contact me. Neil Thomas, .

Book Review Format
TITLE: Name of the book
AUTHOR: Author
PUBLISHER: Publisher
RELEASE: Last Date Released
LABEL: Choose either “Book Review” or “Technical Book Review”

Your Review and Discussion of the book goes here......




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