Tuesday, March 6, 2007

mapAsheville API

This post is just a quick demonstration of the mapAsheville - API. Actually, it's our first test of using the API in an existing webpage outside of our own domain... seems to work OK after some trial and error on my part.

As you can see below, we've developed the ability to embed a functional mapAsheville service into an existing webpage. We've got some formative ideas about how this may be able to benefit the community at large and we're already realizng some internal operational benefits from this 'mashup' approach to handing web services.

We've got a long ways to go but I'm excited that it actually works on this blog! Props to Dave Michelson for all of his past and ongoing work on this project!

Give it a try... zooom in, pan around and ID a parcel.

More to come later explaining the mapAsheville efforts...


Pete Kennedy said...

Thanks for the great post Jason! This API is an incredible asset to the community at large. The ability to 'mash up' geospatial data and embed in web pages has been moving at warp speed since Google jumped in the game but having an mapping API in our own community with our own data is just great. Big thanks to you and Dave.

Jason@Asheville said...

Thanks Pete! Dave's done a lot of good work with this.

It's not quite as flexible nor extensible as the Google Maps API but for us it's a process of continual refinement and improved functionality.

Thanks for letting me contribute.

Neil Thomas said...

Jason, This is so cool. I can not beleive it is operating within the blog.