Friday, February 16, 2007

Great Volunteer Opportunity - Mapping Haiti Salt Ponds

Haiti Salt Ponds - image courtesy of google earth

VOLUNTEERS: Some of you will remember Demeter Russafov, he was the GIS analyst for Alan Lange in NC Community Development a few years back. He is now in Haiti with AMURT ( His associate, Ewan Bloomfield is initiating a GIS/GPS study to help redevelop salt ponds in Haiti. I am trying to get some GPS coordinates of the region in Haiti so we can locate the areas on Google Earth. Anyway they need paying volunteers (buy your own plane ticket) to help map out the salt ponds and related infrastructure and resources. Hopefully we will get more details about this opportunity on the WNC GIS Blog soon.

from Ewan:

At the moment we do not have funds to pay for flights to Haiti, but we can cover all transportation, accomodation and food costs while here. I am not surethat we can promise more than that at this time, but I can vouch that the experience here is very worthwhile for anyone brave enough!!!


PS I hope that we will be able to get the info from the Ministry by next week.

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