Monday, October 27, 2008

WNC GIS Gathering back on this month ...

After a few months off ... come on out!

WHEN: Oct. 29th Wednesday (this week)
TIME: 5:15pm until about 6:30pm
WHERE: Asheville Brewing Co.,77 Cox Avenue
MUNCHIES: by Resource Data (buy your own drinks)
Same casual atmosphere.
Always best to walk or ride your bike. Drink responsibly.
The bus station is very close.
#1. GIS DAY at AB TECH is coming up soon! Last year was incredible. Presenters are lining up for this year. This could be one of the largest GIS events we have ever seen in WNC.
Friday, November 14th, 2008
9:00am – 2:00pm
Contact Pete Kennedy or Greg Dobson for more info.
#2. RENCI engagement centers at UNC and UNCA are organizing a statewide GIS Volunteer program. I want to hear more about this from Greg Dobson. There are a lot of GIS folks in western NC trying to find opportunities to use their talents in new and creative ways with meaningful results outside of their daily jobs. And there is a substantial public interest need in western NC for GIS support.

#3. John Wood at UNCA is looking for your hand drawn maps to study and discuss. Bring paper and pencil. Penciled maps are so much more interesting than these computer based GIS maps we have to deal with every day.

#4. Bring your own special projects to talk about. We want to hear what everyone is doing.

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