Monday, April 9, 2007

Malaprop's Bookstore, Our Sponsor for the Map Trivia Contest

Malaprop’s Bookstore is now our official WNCGIS Map Trivia Contest sponsor. Malaprop’s has been in business about 25 years, an independent bookstore located at 55 Haywood Street in downtown Asheville.

As a sponsor of the WNCGIS Map Trivia Contest, Malaprop’s is (1) donating a book each month to our regional mapping community to be distributed through the WNCGIS Map Trivia Contest (Please read the WNCGIS Map Trivia Contest Rules for instructions on how to enter the contest). Also (2) each book we review on the blog will be offered at Malaprop’s for a month at a 10% discount in the bookclub section.

Emoke B’Racz, Malaprop’s owner, is committed to making Malaprop’s the “best little bookstore in the land” and is doing a great job of it. The bookstore is a mainstay in the downtown, my favorite meeting spot. “I wanted Malaprop’s to be a place where poetry matters, where women’s words are as important as men’s, where one is surprised by excellence, where good writing has a home, where I could nurture my addiction to literature, and play, enjoy, and entertain people drawn to quality books” she explains.

I met Emoke when Malaprops first opened in 1982. My wife and I were running a dorm at Warren Wilson College. Emoke visited our dorm with slides and stories of her travels around the southern tip of South America. Many of the dorm-kids who heard the stories went on to work at Malaprop’s over the years and many were inspired to travel overseas for extended periods.

Emoke left Hungary as a political exile. Her experiences during this period have strongly influenced her views of the world and the goals for the bookstore. “I cannot overemphasize my passion to provide a space where freedom of expression is supported, where important literature ‘from authors backed by major publishers to those who self-publish’ is available to all, where censorship has no place, where respect and service are practiced daily, where women feel safe, where all are welcome, and where the books are the stars.

The bookstore is a beacon in the community and dedicated to promoting the well-being of our community. Malaprop's supports organization like the Women’s Shelter, the Rape Crisis Center, the YWCA, and the local NPR stations to name a few. The local TV and newspapers staff visit the bookstore regularly to conduct interviews and opinion polls to capture the pulse of the Asheville community.

See you down at Malaprop’s!
Look for our WNCGIS selection with the other bookclub books.

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