Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Answers to the Map Trivia Quiz, April 2007

If you submitted an answer to the Map Trivia Question you are now in contention for the prize: The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson generously provided by Malaprop's Book Store. You can still enter the drawing by showing up on Thursday at the WNCGIS Gathering.

Random drawing will occur at the WNCGIS Gathering, April 26th at Asheville Brewing at 77 Coxe Avenue, Asheville (down from the post office)

For Buncombe County, NC:

1) Approximately how many "private" acres have been converted from Rural to Developed Lands since the end of 1990?

~45,630 acres

2) What is the approximate rate of change (acres/year) over the past 16 years from "private" Rural Lands to private Developed Lands?

~2,85o acres/year

3) How many years will it take to convert the remaining "private" Rural Land to Developed Land if the rate of change continues at its current pace?

~61 years

It must be assumed that the same rate of change will apply into the future--big assumption!

Welcome to the suburbs!

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