Thursday, March 29, 2007

Make a Post to the WNCGIS Blog

We need your input, your thoughts, and your ideas. Everybody comes to the GIS World from a different place, either in time, space or concept. Some folks are nuts about hardware, some are driven by software and programming, some are application-focused, and some just have a different drummer altogether. And nobody knows it all.

You ideas are important! Your projects are important. Your knowledge and skill sets are important–not just to you but to your WNCGIS community.

We will be posting BLOG Ideas over the next few weeks. If you find a heading of special interest, perhaps you can be the advocate for that topic and work to keep the conversation going. That is what it is all about, building the community and maintaining a lively dialog.

Contact Pete Kennedy and he can get you started posting your thoughts and ideas to the BLOG.

Idea #1. Showcase your pet GIS project, new grant, or Web-based application on the WNCGIS blog. Post a discussion, images, hyperlinks, reviews or other info about the project. Jason Mann and Dave Michelson from the City of Asheville loaded their entire mapAsheville API on the blog. David Abernathy from Warren Wilson College posted his most recent $100,000 grant.

The WNCGIS community is far from boring. We know that Southwings' has its Mountaintop Removal info featured in Google Earth's Featured Content. SAHC is working on a geo-based parcel ranking system. The Madison 4-H GIS/GPS club is geo-caching the Buncombe Turnpike, NEMAC is modeling hydrology in Biltmore Village. And McConville's 3-D visualization dome I hear is awesome. The WNCGIS community is this and more.

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